Being reflective and putting into perspective intended areas I intend to specialise in upon completion of the course, I decided to embark on my wake up call project by probing into my areas of interests, whilst taking the opportunity to highlight my strengths, weakness and areas that could do with necessary improvements in order to actualise the set goals and points of aspiration.

I haven’t given this project my full attention yet as my focus has been fully concentrated on the news of the world project. Nevertheless, I long to engage with this project as the opportunity to examine the works of others that have been pivotal to my push as an illustrator is highly essential. I believe I will enjoy the processes involved in the generation of content for this project as it one that should highlight my strengths and weaknesses.

mini mind map for interests

Attached is a mind map highlighting the various areas of specialty that caught my eye. The mind map also includes various interests that have contributed to being influential in taking the path I have started on in my development to being a better artist/illustrator.

Within the section ”Illustration”, a major focus for me has always being sequential graphic narratives. This particular aspect was what grabbed my interest as a 4 year old and never since have I looked back. Concept Art involving character design, creation of landscape ideas/interactive worlds, product design and branding  is next on the list of interested areas under the banner of Illustration I aim to focus on.

The next section of particular interest is Visual Arts under which I have highlighted some key areas of interest which are art installations, graffiti, and paintings of various forms.

Animation has always been a very pivotal reason why I draw, as I long to create illustrative offerings for the screen with main aim of entertaining and also enlightening the intended target audience. It has always been a dream to see and observe the processes involved in the creation of animated pieces, so engaging with this area of the research from a practical view point should be exciting.

Music has always being a serious point of interest and inspiration. While it is a platform for entertainment, it is also a canvas that can be used to paint various pictures and cause the kind of change that either propels people forward or hold them stagnant and ignorant. I have on a few occasions drawn inspiration from certain lyrics, converting these to illustrated visuals.

Fashion is one area that intrigues me and the focus on Streetwear stems from drawing inspiration from certain contemporary sub-cultures with these being hip-hop, breakdance, graffiti just to name a few. I will expatiate on this as the project progresses.

The last section is Entrepreneurial goals. While this is not often talked about early on as much as possible, it is an area I believe most artists should be keen to become fully aware. Since almost everything evolves around social media/network  taking full advantage of such a platform is essential to creating the right presence and getting many to appreciate the work created as an illustrator. I intend to highlight these areas in detail in my next posts.


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