I’ve always been one to take particular interest in fashion clothing and accessories, and not just in the items and how luxurious they are, but the amount of intricate detail involved in the weaving-together of basic materials and ideas to arrive at the perfect product. This is where I believe the skill of an illustrator comes into the fray. Involved in the generation of ideas based on research from conceptualisation stage to the actualisation stage, the illustrator plays a very significant role.





Untitled-4 Untitled-3 Untitled-2

I stumbled across 10Deep just 9-10 years ago and have followed the journey of the brand ever since. Born out of passion for street wear, Scott Sasso draws inspiration and influences from a marriage of contemporary subcultures namely graffiti, punk, break dancing, hip-hop and skateboarding. The brand was born in 1995 and specializes in the production of streetwear and accessories which range from tee-shirts, jerseys, button-down shirts, sweatshirts, denim pieces (comprising of baseball tops and jean pants), sweat pants, jackets, tote bags, sport hats and have successfully collaborated with the like of Timberland  and Reebok. Sasso has used tee-shirts to touch on political subjects which I find interesting as I see the tee shirt as a canvas for the expression of ideas that has a wider reach and appeal. Scott Sasso has always maintained a hands on approach with regards to designs for the brand , working on hand drawn illustrations for the graphic deisgns which are transferred to various garment
types. In 2010 he stopped designing t-shirts diverting his focus to the cut and sew aspect of the brand with full involvement in the pattern creation for garments. Scott has always approached designs from a rebellious stand point, with certain designs either being politically infused or going against set trends within the sphere of streetwear. Where brands began to embrace a super clean and minimal approach, 10Deep created a collection of designs that featured all-over patterns and the re-introduction of tops with matching bottom pieces (lest I forget the Bush 04 t shirt which was commentary political statement on the legacy of George bush, and the ‘By Any Means Necessary’ t-shirt which was tribute to former civil rights movement activist, Malcolm X).

10-Deep-Winter-Cut-Sews 10Deep-Wish_MalcolmX-tee-MMXLII 18bd33d3b00ca2ad984b6f765f06b5d0 MTM1OTkwNDE0MjgxNTc4OTc0


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