I decided that I’d experiment with hand drawn animation, and enrolled for online animation classes with Aaron Blaise. The programme recommended by Blaise is the Tv-Paint. This led to me procuring the Wacom Intuos Digital tablet, thereby making the transition from traditional media to the digital. In order to learn to use the programme, I have had rely on youtube tutorials as well as pay for a ‘Complete Animation Course” by Aaron Blaise via his website The Complete Animation Course is a comprehensive introduction to animation which takes the student through the key animation principles.

youtube                                                                                                                                                                       YouTube Tutorial


tutorial practical


My attempt at the tutorial



The attached link shows what was achieved after a spending a day learning the basic of animation programme Tv-Paint, as well as following tutorials on Aaron Blaise’s channel for more insight.

I wasn’t able to save the video as the trial version of Tv-Paint doesn’t allow for progress to be saved at any point. This is why the video was recorded using a phone.


I progressed to making a storyboard loosely based on some random thoughts I had.






I then proceeded to work on a story board for another project which I intend to make into a 1 minute short movie. So far, 300 drawings have been made
in this regard. I will spend time during the summer break to develop and modify the idea with the hope that it will be complete.




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