Imaginary worlds brief was intended as a chance for introspection, giving me the opportunity to make the known unknown since as artists, illustrators etc. we often live in day-dreams and fantasies from life’s harsh/subtle realities, while embracing experimentation, play and innovation.


imaginary world page 1


imaginary world page 2

I started by first looking at dreams. I have always been intrigued by the concept of humans going to sleep and the brain being most active when in R.E.M mode. I have often tried to draw a connection between the body shutting down in this dimension and the mind assuming another form in the next and believe that dreams are a connection to whatever dimension exists.

I proceeded to look at dreams and out of body experiences and how tethering between this consciousness and the next is a source of inspiration for artists. Salvador Dalí was said to use a similar “paranoiac-critical” method to gain odd visions which
inspired his paintings. Deliberately teetering between awake and asleep states is known to cause spontaneous trance episodes at the onset of sleep which are ultimately helpful when attempting to induce an OBE (out of body experience).




Varoujan is an illustrator who produces eye catching art and one that reflects surreal and abstract themes which are mystically evocative. As an illustrator, he produces a majority of his work as intricate etchings on solar plates. I made the chance discovery of the illustrator’s work whilst researching the solar plate technique. A majority of the works i had encountered at this point drew direct reference from photographic images, but his detailed surrealistic illustrative approach caught my eye and works  very well with the solar plates in my opinion.

varoujan_hovakimyan_solarplate_etching_94_2014-crop-u670 varoujan_hovakimyan_solarplate_etching_in_the_middle_of_2014-crop-u672 varoujan_hovakimyan_solarplate_etching_launch_2014-crop-u674 varoujan_hovakimyan_solarplate_etching_meditation_2014-crop-u676 varoujan_hovakimyan_solarplate_etching_mirror_2014-crop-u678 varoujan_hovakimyan_solarplate_etching_politics_2014 varoujan_hovakimyan_solarplate_etching_murakami-crop-u680



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