I decided to begin with creating sketches based on certain images I had seen and experienced in dreams  and after conducting some research. The sources of inspiration were either based on the ideas centred around out-of-body-experience, lucid dreaming, poetry , symbolism, and poetry.
Documentation of these ideas were drawn out utilising the Wacom intuos, as opposed to the traditional sketch book + pencil. I also played around with the idea of photo-collaging. I have attached a few of these images.


11 drawing 1



1 2

Did this drawing based on something i believe i saw in my dream. Earlier in the day I had watched few horror movies and cant be too sure if this was just my over active
brain playing tricks on me. Regardless, I sketched out the image i believe was seen.







Untitled-2 Untitled-4 Untitled-6


I then took the sketch on the page before, and started to play around with digital brush strokes for effect. From there the idea of playing around with distorted geometric shapes came to mind. I created the geometric shape-like design in photoshop, but was forced to leave aside. I’ll possibly use it for something else later in the near future.




In order to create a defined image to match the vision I had experienced in my dream-state, I proceeded to utilise the photo-collage method to create a mock-up using photoshop and in the process, involving more detail in the idea..




At this point, due to the nature of my sources of inspiration, I believe I had reached a point where refining the ideas I already documented was the only way forward as I would have appreciated recording more ideas. The sketches were digitally drawn images using the wacom intuos tablet and photo-shop.
The ideas are all quite independedent of each other but linked by the common thread contained in the concept of imaginary worlds as I see the concept of dreams being one that can be represented and interpreted without any limits/restrictions placed on such an experience hence the (possible) need for the application of diverse styles of communication. Also, drawing on the fact that dreams are actually the brains activity whilst the body is in rest mode opens me to the idea that it could indeed be a passage to a different dimension, as emphasised by the consciousness experienced during states like lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. I have had personal experiences where certain dream-scenarios have actually happened and it puts me in a place where I
see dreams as more than just passing-time experiences but premonitions I’d also like to draw similarities to Poetry, as it gives the reader the opportunity to stretch their minds and expand their sense of imagination. Replicating every image photographically is often impossible, but documenting what ever can be acquired from memory regarding such experiences helps.
I believe that the body of work that result from this experience is one which mainly revolves around the concept of visual assumptions conjured up by the mind often derived from allegorical and metaphorical elements inherent within poetry, as well as  various visions experienced within a dream-state are evenly distributed across a collection of works which feature in this project. While the aim is to create a general collective of work that work as a group, it is also intended that each piece works independently of each other. It is hoped that works will communicate these ideas.




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