The main purpose of engaging on this project was to create a window to my innate thoughts and experiences as an artist for those outside to glimpse through to observe how either troubled or calm the mind of an artist is. In general, I must say that I am happy with certain parts of this project. Prior to this point I hadn’t spent as much time utilising the digital drawing tools and must confess that I can say that I am quite pleased with the direction such tools took me in being able to complete this the project.  The project accorded me the opportunity to play with the digital drawing technique and also utilise photo-collaging in a way that I hadn’t previously thought I could utilised in the generation and execution of work for this project. I also got the chance to experience the solar etching approach and must confess that while I am very happy to have experienced it, I wish I had dabbled in the process a lot more.

The idea of fiddling with various techniques till a desired conclusion is arrived at after so many experiments is a great experience and one that should be cherished. It also gives me the feeling of heading in the direction of attaining some level of completeness, creating a refreshing feeling after having to test out various mediums. This in itself gives the rewarding feeling of being able to call myself an illustrator, as the combination of both digital and traditional media overtime have contributed to making me much better in my approach. Prior to joining the course, my level of proficiency was restricted to just the pencils, ink pens, paint-brush, and various pigment types (acrylic, gouache, watercolours, oils). The list seems to have expanded to include various screen printing techniques and platforms/surface, solar plate/panel etching, lino cutting, laser cutting and utilisation of wood in the various deign processes just to name a few.

I particularly wanted to see what abstracting from the use of paper would feel like throughout the duration of this project. While I must say that it was strange, I must also confess that it was also a very rewarding experience. The idea of having to scribble down ideas, scan them prior to making alterations is cut off with the simple innovation of the Wacom tablet, which has me kicking myself as to why I didn’t make the transition much earlier. But while that is said, everything they say happens at the appointed time. The execution of the works has seen me become very reliant on adobe photoshop, but it must also be noted that it also played a serious part in the documentation of generated ideas for the project.
This process of generating ideas almost completely via a digital platform informed my idea as to how most of today’s professionals within the industry work as time is a major factor in the fulfilment of a client’s brief/request. But I still insist that I will not be doing away with my sketchbooks anytime soon as I do not see myself disconnecting from traditional techniques. I must mention that I could have referenced a reasonable collection of artists I drew inspiration from for this particular project but ended up having to only mention a few which I feel is in itself a weakness. Since this has been identified, I will ensure to work towards remedying this so as to make the best of future projects as that is the only way for the desired progression to take place. I must confess that the whole period while working on this project, I stumbled upon a few hiccups here and there, one of which was the passing away of a very good friend. This affected my adversely and while it took out all the steam, it somewhat propelled me forward as the subject matter tended towards the somewhat acknowledgement or documentation of sleep/dreams being a gateway to alternate platforms of existence which could be within the sphere of the brains’ power or outside the box. I could have been in a position to request for extension via the extenuating circumstance approach but chose to push through after some time off. I still believe that I’m on that journey to self-realisation as a person making the conscious effort to better myself in every endeavour as well as working towards being able to have a well-defined visual language that can communicate my ideas. I hope that consistent practice, generation and execution of ideas will help in affirming the right direction I suitable for me. I must also mention that not sticking to a particular style throughout the outcomes of the projects helped create a varied and eclectic collection of pieces. If time wasn’t a factor, id have appreciated pouring my heart into this project giving it at least 12 detailed images with a strict narrative/structure which have created a more cohesive body of work.
Overall, this project has exposed me to learning new approaches to projects and places me in a position where maintaining a level of consistency with every given opportunity is key.


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