John Reuss work spotlights the subject of alienation, loneliness and continuous battle for equilibrium between the human being and its inner self.


Consistent is the theme and impression that space and time of no relevance but a place where unadulterated emotions with lack of definition to the figures feature in. This in my view is a journey into self and the many emotions we as humans experience in our walk through life.


Often labeled as ‘‘existential surrealism’’ or ‘’psychological realism’’, His attachment to detail, coordinated painted shapes, combined with drawn lines, paint splatters, bold brush-strokes and the multiplicity of human figures come together to create works that distract from reality, with an aim to communicate the inner workings of his mind, as well as create an open platform for personal interpretations.


John Reuss utilizes acrylic in most of his work, creating multiple layers, subtracting layers and describes it as the perfect medium that matches his impatient temperament before adding extra layers of pigment to his work, adding fine details at the end of every piece.


Since the subject of alienation is centered around detachment from self and disconnection from one’s immediate environment or confines, the utilization of the multiplicity of figures to convey the consistent conflict between conscious and subconscious is very conveyed in Reuss’ work. The utilization of smooth, flatly painted detail, bold brush strokes, pencil and charcoal smudges create layers that attest to such conflict.


Drawing inspiration from the inner life of the human experience, he represents human figures that are disfigured, seemingly dismembered, capturing them from a multiplicity of angles that symbolize the psychology and cognitive mechanism of these figures.






















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