While the idea of creating a storyboard for the collaborative project was interesting and very intriguing as time went along, I was keen to create a collection of illustrations based on my research not just to expand my proposed outcomes, but to ensure that in the process of engaging with the project, I was working towards broadening my visual language and enjoying myself in the process as well.

I proceeded to create a series of sketches utilising traditional and digital media, drawing from the collection of artists who stood as influences and also putting into consideration the researched sources of inspiraton.

In executing these sketches, I tried to as much as possible to be as emotionally expressive (creating the scenario that I was part of the audience who I intended to communicate with). The sketches boarder between direct influences of both surrealistic and abstract approaches/techniques.

With the first set of digital illustrations, the focus was on isolation and its effects on the mind and the idea of multiplicity of emotions experienced while in a state of loneliness. This carried on into subsequent sketches that were done using tradtional tools i.e. biro, pencils, ink brushes, splatter-paint effetcs, ink blots/drops. The use of various materials too becomes significant in relation to the subject matter as it emphasises a wide range emotional states/circumstances individuals who go through alienation experience but keep concealed.

ii img_4530 lost sad-full untitled-1 untitled-2 untitled-3


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