Reflecting on the project, I believe it was a success for a few reasons.
It became the perfect outlet to be expressive in ways that were unconventional in my approach to arriving at an end-goal.

Creating a body of work diverse in approach and medium choice (as reflected in the production of the character and storyboard for the intended stop-mo- tion animated short film), yet coherent in the per- ceived subject matter then became the strong point of the whole process.

Collaborating was another aspect of the project I came to appreciate. No one is perfect. But with that being said, working with Richard wasn’t an easy feat to accomplish. Certain attitudes and approaches to the project at certain points were highly unprofes- sional and de-motivational, but I was insistent on completing the task embarked upon, sticking by the phrase ‘‘the end will justify the means’’. The sense of fulfilment experienced when, upon receipt of the storyboards and the character, Richard was euphoric in his appreciation, was enough justification to the afore mentioned phrase. Another satisfied client ticked off.

In mentioning the above, it must also be noted that this was my first attempt at creating storyboards for an animated project ( or any at all for that matter ). I have always shown keen interests and count comic books i.e. sequential graphic narrative materials as my first love, copying panel for panel at the age of four with so much excitement.

Overtime ( as evidenced in a few projects done while on the illustra- tion and visual media course at LCC ), I’ve engaged in the creation of comics in satisfaction of briefs handed to us by course tutors. Transferring such skills to storyboarding was pivotal to my develop- ment during the course of this project.

I wanted abstract from the conventional storyboard approach, which employed the use of simple black and white illustrations, to creating storyboards that would be reflective of the dark/melancholic mood attached to the story-line. The reaction from Richard was proof that something right was done.

The idea of spending time to create a pile of sketch- es, rather than focus on creating a select collection of drawings came in very handy. Having more than enough material to choose from was a difficult posi- tion to be in, but strengthened the fact that you can never have enough. Man is insatiable. From the pool

of sketches, four were chosen and were then made into paintings and prints.

On the choice of materials, this was the first time of painting on acetate with acrylic. I must confess that in the initially stages of the project, it was a frustrating experience.

The almost non-receptive nature of the acetate to the water-based medium being the major reason. But like the saying goes, ‘‘it pays to be patient’’ and ‘‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’’. i indeed gained a lot not only from the process of creating but also from the usage of various media employed.

While I would have appreciated working on larger scale with regards to the paintings and prints, the appreciation of small-scaled works was another aspect learnt during my constant liaison with my tutor, Chris. His emphasis on size not being a factor, but rather the creation of intricately smaller works that make the audience gravitate towards the works in an investigative manner, with the intent to engage with the works, was a great encouragement and reminder.

Collaging as a technique , had been an approach I had not really engaged with. This ended up being im- plemented beautifully into the working process and the final pieces created. I intend to take it further.

Creating a body of prints and paintings that bor- dered on the surrealistic and abstract approaches are testament to the impact influences and inspirational sources had in my progression towards achieving the end results.
While in most of my works, a realistic detail-heavy style was a main feature; crafting works from simple sketches were a step in a different direction. I intend to carry this further.
I’d like to progress with the style employed whilst ex- ecuting this project, taking it further with the appli- cation of a detailed narrative approach.
It will only be justified to say that following this up with an animated project (whilst employing the style learnt) will be taking strides in the right direction. The reception to some of the preliminary produc- tion processes shared on social media platforms ( instagram & facebook ), as well the reaction to the finished work has been overwhelming. With individ- uals contacting me via the direct messaging on these platforms to inquire about how much the works are, it can only be said that something was done right. Great art is one that draws a reaction, whether right or wrong.

I’ve also been contacted by a proposed client with 3 scripts to work on a proposed comic book series, based on the storyboards being posted on instagram.

I set out to from the beginning to engage with the project and just create work. Ending up with more outcomes than one and a visual approach that wasn’t expected, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated working on it. I also believe that, the pieces created touched on the subject of Alienation and while more work could have been created in this regard, I make this my task for the near future as expanding on the subject matter is key to my progression.




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