Leah Fusco is a visual storyteller whose work focuses on documenting narrative within various environments and regional areas, highlighting the connecting thread that tie the past and present, with focus on the future. Through this means, she examines cultural, political, and socio-economic shaping of communities by physical environment, making connections between geography, history and visual communication.

In one of her collections of work titled “Weld”, Leah creates paintings based on the historical background of Weald; a region in Kent, Surrey, an area that was once heavily forested and has grown to become an agricultural region.

The images explore past routes across the landscape, drawing from past tales of smugglers, kings and highway men. The images project a cinematic atmosphere, whilst displaying great mastery with how the wash effect is utilized. Her work evokes a great sense of appreciation for the traditional medium and also acts as a reminder of classical masters, while being in touch with modern periods.















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