Andreas Gursky focuses on large format architecture, interior and landscape photographic images, utilizing mostly a high point of view. Gursky’s works revaluates realism within contemporary photography and through conceptual staging and image editing.

The images demonstrate and often create a disorientating feeling, with coloured panoramic prints that are larger than life, featuring extreme detail. His focus seems to be contemporary scenarios, emphasizing the distance from where they are viewed.

The elevated vantage point Gursky employs in his works accords the viewer the chance to experience environments which seem beyond reach. Large anonymous, man-made environments/spaces i.e. office lobbies, high-rise buildings, concert spaces, football games, interiors of spaces and landscapes feature and play important roles in his visual communication. If anything, Gursky’s style is enigmatic, and needs no special explanation, as the images are very straight forward.

One of the works that has held me spellbound is 99cent. Taken at a 99cents only store on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, it depicts the interior in a stretched horizontal/panoramic way, composed of horizontal shelves, intersected by vertical white columns, displaying a wide array of products, neatly labelled packets that6 are transformed into fields of colour, generated by endless collection of identical products/packets, reflecting off the reflective ceiling.

  99cents (1999)

For me, Gursky’s photographic images creates a sense of the “out of body experience”, giving the viewer the opportunity to view scenarios and environments experienced on a daily basis, which often get taken for granted, whilst creating a viewpoint for such environments to be seen from a distance. Such viewpoints creates an appreciation level for the enormity of the minute details.







C-Print, 306 x 221,5 x 6,2 cm (gerahmt)
© Andreas Gursky / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2012 Courtesy Sprüth Magers Berlin London
Laufzeit der Ausstellung “Andreas Gursky”






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