Putting the themes of the book, artist influences and past cover entries for Harper Lee’s book, I began making sketches that would reflect these influences.

I first began by creating thumbnail sketches from which, the intention was to develop these where necessary.









After coming up with various sketches, I decided that I would push three of the ideas further.





With these three, a common theme is prevalent; death of innocence, failure of the legal system and human morality, or better put the lack of it.

The first of the three features a combination of pencil, ball pen, and ink. The fists are representative of the oppressed i.e. the undermined and discriminated collective who had no voice within that community.

The afore mentioned explanation is directly related to the second detailed sketch as well, with ball pen and ink being the mediums used to achieved it.

The third in the collective, also highlight the afore mentioned points as well, with the figure within the eye being representative of the misconstrued individuals within the book (Boo radley, Tom Robinson) reflecting the prejudiced perspectives inherent within maycombe.




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