On this project, I tried to work to my strength – strong bold illustrations and imagery with the intent to provoke thought. I also intended to create meaningful cover, even if utilising the mockingbird seemed to have been rinsed by many. With the theme of the book being very prevalent in today’s, it became imperative to utilise clear-cut imagery to depict my thoughts towards subjects of prejudice, compassion (and the lack of it), inequality, and stereotypical attitudes of the masses whilst still emphasising a certain loss of innocence.

I must mention that I was not particularly with my inability to experiment with typography, as that is one of my weaker areas and have made it a point to ensure that I strengthen that aspect of my creative ability.

Overall, I was quite pleased with the outcome. in acknowledgment, more time would have worked to my favour ( but that in itself is not an excuse, as outside LCC’s walls lie commission projects that will require working at short notice to meet deadlines. In such scenarios, excuses will not be condoned. This means that improving on the pace of my delivery need to be put into consideration.

The project was a success as I believe the imagery utilised addressed the major theme inherent within the written material. I am grateful for the platform provided by Penguin to create a vision of what engaging with an organisation of such magnitude actually feels like.


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