No comic or graphic novel can exist without a script, and not just any script, but one that has been specifically modified for the medium.

It is at this point that making reference to Chris Oatley becomes important.

Chris Oatley is an illustrator with a background in film, a digital artist, character creator and designer for animation (working with Disney on a multitude of projects), video games, books, amongst many other titles.

With a wide array of works displaying his versatility as a an artist, its comfortable enough to say that he is a guru in his field of specialty. Offering short courses on his website, Chris provides his audience the necessary information needed to improve their craft. He touches on approaching digital painting from a technical stand point, to concept art (discussing in detail aspects of animation layout and visual development), to storytelling resources for comics creators, storyboard artists and animators, creative character design for and animation and comics.




His works ebb personality, with worlds and characters that tell stories  utilising pictures, while finding meaning in ideas and making the needed emotional connections with his intended audience. upon viewing his works, it becomes obvious that he draws inspiration from art, history and personal experiences of a wide array of personal experiences to craft emotional characters that grace his various projects.

In listening to his breakdown of script writing for comics, Chris points out that though comic writers, employed by big publishers typically format their comic book scripts similar to screen plays, there exists no official industry standard with which to approach it. He then goes on to emphasise that a comic script is useless without a rock-solid outline, which includes a clear plan for the beginning, middle and end of any story intended for a comic script.








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