Lewis Larosa is another inspirational comic book illustrator who’s work I’ve come to admire and appreciate over the last three years. With a style that is bold, and beautifully rendered, Lewis utilises photographic references to convey the right amount of believability. From his pencil and inks, it becomes obvious that he spends a lot of time visualizing the writer’s script in diverse and the clearest way possible. If anything, his approach puts into perspective that the comic book artist, to a reasonable degree serves as the equivalent of a movie director via the comic book medium. From his work, it becomes apparent that emphasis (apart from being placed on the quality of the art), is placed on the dynamism of the layout, as a crucial aspect of the creative process is taking the audience’s eye on a journey, maintaining the pace and rhythm of the action, placing importance on the story’s tempo regardless of how peaceful or dramatically tense each panel might be.

From the pacing techniques employed, to the relativity of panel sizes in order to set the tone, to the effect and impact panel shapes have on the storytelling, to breaking borders to enhance effect and aid flow of panel to panel storytelling, Larosa’s work and technical approach speaks volumes, bringing each panel and page to life.







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