It must be mentioned that certain common threads connect every artist referenced within this research; the ability to maintain a successful level of transition, continuity and communication, via the utilization of the medium of sequential graphic narrative.

Various elements have been noted over the course of conducting research for this project.

The utilisation of pacing techniques to control the tempo of the action within a page as a build up to an explosive scene to emphasise the point of tension, and release is important and evident within the works of individuals researched.

Relativity of the panel sizes is another key element that must be noted. Maximization of the most important panel on the page to increase the desired impact is essential.

The utilization of odd panel shapes adds to the dynamic and impact. using these only at certain points to heighten the excitement level, particularly in action scenes in crucial. But it should be noted that while this should implemented, maintaining the storytelling ability should be paramount in the overall scheme of things, carrying the audience/reader along rather than confusing them.

Applying the power of symmetry within the panel arrangement also helps to get an orderly and sterile feel to the intended setting within the intended panels.

Another aspect that I have observed and will definitely include within my panel set-up will be the concept of breaking borders. Utilizing this technique i.e. a figure from one panel stretching from one panel to another, when used properly contributes to the enhancement of the flow and impact of the storytelling.

The implementation of zoom (in and out) aids in creating visual interest and drama. Conveyance of emotion is key and should be evident within each panel. Careful note should be taken as the ability to communicate the character’s emotion through their acting (body language and facial expressions) helps in achieving the right effect suited to the narrative.

I hope to create work that do not only look aesthetically appealing, but employ visual impact, pacing techniques, and a great level of dynamism regardless of style. I intend to carry the reader on a visual journey, putting into consideration that communication is key in order to derive the right impact.



In addition, I’ve added a few more resources that were immensely helpful to gaining more insight as it relates to art of comic art.






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