Upon completion of My research, the natural order of progression was the modification and the development of the short story to script.

Since  ”New Life” is 3pages(plus) long, condensing that might be a mammoth task to tackle within a relatively short period. Also, since one of the requirements for the Jonathan Cape/Observer/Comica brief is to make sure the graphic short story is restricted within the limits of 4 pages, reading and re-reading the short story in order to derive points that would be key to the creation of the required 4 pages became highly essential.






After reading the short story about 5 times to create the right mental picture, the next stage of progression then became drafting out key/bullet points from within the short story in order to derive a key outline for the development of the story into a script for comic.






Upon exchanging notes with the Olohi (the story’s writer), a few suggestions from me were made with regards to modifying certain parts of the narrative in order to make the script as poetic and engaging as possible. The intention for this is to create an engaging scenario for the reader/audience.











Exchanging notes with the writer again, and getting the nod (even if the above rough drafts seem to be satisfactory), I then decided to make some extra minute modifications, this time classifying the panels into pages in order to meet with the brief’s requirements.






At this point, I can rightfully say that I have done enough modifications for the next phase to take effect; creating the illustrations to reflect the pages made.





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