Moving forward, the next course of progression then becomes the process of transitioning from the script to the illustration board.

Printing out the script, I take each page and roughly sketch out the action in each scene as plainly as possible right on the page. At this stage, the involvement of massive detail and crazy angles are not introduced as this becomes a rehearsal to work out poses, spatial relationships and the progression of action from panel to panel.  The drawings at this stage are more or less doodles (scratches) that serve as mental notes/guides to direct the course of the thumbnails prior to the involvement of precise detail.







From this point, I proceed to the thumbnails/layout drawn in sets of four on sheets of 8 by 11 inch typing paper that have been quartered into the proportions of the final drawing sheet.

Upon close study of the sketches made on the script page, I meditate and visualize the best angles to execute or do I say ”shoot” each scene, floating the camera around each action in my mind, deciding afterwards, how best to arrange the panels in the most dynamic way possible.







The next stage then becomes the worked up illustration. While the process for this should normally involve enlarging the thumbnail and tracing using the light box, I have decided to scan the thumbnail, with the intention of doing the detailed illustrations digitally using the Wacom intuos tablet.

I’ve also opted to utilize photographic references for certain areas within these pages. The intention for this is to maintain some level of accuracy, realism, and also to help establish lighting and colour where the need to introduce colour arises. for most of the images within the panels. But prior to proceeding to that point, matching the thumbnail sketches with the individual scripts to observe that some level of consistency has been maintained comes to mind.


































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