In retrospect, I must say that I believe this project was a success for certain reasons.

While I have been in the position to have executed a few sequential graphic narrative projects in the past,  My inability to approach these projects from a very technical stand-point becomes the missing ingredient I was to discover over the course of the project’s execution.

Collaborating on this project with someone on an entirely different continent, whilst putting their considerations into account in order to derive an end goal that became satisfactory to both parties, was one of the highlights. While I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with individuals on different platforms, it must be mentioned that this has been one of my most successful and fulfilling collaborative efforts to date.

Also, the project accorded me the opportunity to become aware of the various important factors considered in its execution that many individuals often overlook.

Aspects like the utilization of pacing techniques in order to control tempo, relativity of panel sizes and how this impacts on the target audience/viewer, the utilization of odd panel shapes and sizes, the consideration of the power of symmetry within the scope of panel arrangement, amongst many other key factors were imbibed over the course of the project’s execution, thereby enhancing my approach to the genre, as well as helping to improving my visual language and ability. The technicality involved in the creation of comics/short stories/ sequential graphic narrative is often overlooked, with comics often being relegated to the status of ” being for kids”. Only if the many knew what the few, who have taken this art-form as a burden upon themselves, go through in order for the genre to become as accepted as it is today.

While I must say that the third and final year within the walls of this institution (UAL-LCC) has been my most accomplished year overall, this project stands out as one of (if not) the best in general.

The subject matter involved did not only make the time committed to it worthwhile (even if I had to endure almost tow weeks of excruciating due to pressure and inflammation of the back of my right eye), but it evocative enough to make me ask myself certain questions; ”if my sister, daughter or relative had been kidnapped by supposed terrorists, how would I have reacted/felt? If my sister, daughter or relative had been kidnapped, and sold into slavery, used as a sex object or killed, what would my response have been?” The chills derived from such introspective conversations with self, fuelled me to push my visual ability to reflect such heart-felt emotions, as these are reflective in the outcomes, which I feel are satisfactory, meeting the demands of the brief.

It must also be noted that, the idea to diversify from the required outcome by the brief, into producing other outcomes i.e. the book and the art prints, is reflective of the level of commitment and after-thought given to the project from its conceptualisation, through to its development and execution.

The reception the process sketches and final illustrations have received via social media platforms have been staggeringly overwhelming, and is a reflection that not only the illustrations, but the message behind the it all has been embraced. As it has often been said, ” you are only as good as your last project”.  I intend to make sure that this is a springboard to bigger and better things as I progress past the walls of London College of Communication.


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