After going through the process of doing research I decided to collate the photos taken from visit to the shard as well as create a collection reportage drawings for the first of two intended pieces using graphite pencils, inks. and artist pens from which I’d sieve through to attain a final piece in the end. I then proceeded to purchase an A4 sketch book for the documentation process of these drawings as well as other ideas. I felt it was a good enough size to allow me carry out preliminary sketches which would involve me either drawing in my detailed style or employing the simplified styles of some of the artists researched. At this point I was a bit torn but soon afterwards, i decided to work on a few sketches and then make conclusions after wards.


Before continuing in the direction of London’s skyline, I decided to carry out an experiment by painting directly on the bone china with glaze pigments ordered from pottery craft. The idea I was playing around with was loosely based on my visit to the charlton community garden.





The piece has been passed on to the guys at the studios so it can be fired.


In the first the first htree images involved me doing quick reportage drawings combining graphite pencil, biro and ink pens to see what effect could be derived. The last two images saw a combinaton of line drawings done with bir, touched up with ink pens and then a wash of indian ink applied to create an effect of perspective.
I started to gravitate towards the involvement of colour and decided to do a detailed drawing of one of the images to see what the outcome would look like.




Above is the outcome of long hours of painting the image. The medium used was acrylic on cardboard. But even though i had gotten that< i still did not feel any satisfaction as I had intended to go with the reportage technique as it felt very simple and yet detailed to some extent. So I went back to the drawing board.
Since I was going to focus my attention on south bank, i decided to do some quick sketch of intended landmarks i intended t0o include in the piece. Putting into consideration that my inital intention was to capture the skyy line of london, I had to resort to sourcing images of most of the intended landmarks from the internet.


aerial 1 aerial 2  aerial 5

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After much consideration, I decided to go with the bottom idea and started to do a loose sketch based on it.

sketch south bank

I then focused on refining the line art and the result is reflected in the image below.


I then decided to create an inverted version.


In order to create more dimension to the design, I decided to create a coloured version.


I then went ahead to make the mock-up for the mock presentation, using the black background and white illustrated landmarks.

plate sample

teacup- black

milk jug- black

set- plate, teacup, milkjug

Stuart made suggestions that I tweak the design after the presentation within groups before sending out the works as a group to denby. I took that on and altered the skyline making it white. This ended up being the design the guys from denby appreciated more.


plate sample2

teacup- black2

milk jug- black2



Denby’s Response

” Nice illustration, is a bit too similar to ‘people will always need plates’. Very somber! Inject some colour. Not very Denby. However do prefer the reverse effect with white backdrop!”