COLLABORATIVE PROJECT : Visit to Charlton Community Gardens

Since the project was two-pronged, I decided to go in the direction of extending my research past the skylines of London to the Charlton community gardens with the hope of capturing certain plants and flowers that would possibly aid in the design process.


charlton community gardens 2


James Jean
I am in constant appreciation of James Jean’s art style. His paintings and illustrations are often suffused with a dreamy romanticism and lyricism worthy of Maxfield Parrish.
Jean’s imaginative compositions feature ethereal figures; fluid in motion, and graceful in gesture. His fantasy dreamscapes capture compelling moments, often represented beyond the laws of gravity, on an undefined plane. Incorporating traditional symbolism and dynamic narratives, his works introduces finely rendered imagery created with a unique aesthetic, extraordinarily kinetic style and sophisticated color palette. The subjects glide through the tableaux, tracing a narrative of thwarted desires. His subtle yet suggestive themes of metamorphosis, mortality, and sexuality blend together seamlessly, bridging the gap between the real and imagined.


james jean 1

james-jean-art-2 (1)

N.C Winters

The works of N.c Winters are captivating and intricately detailed. A painter/illustrator based in san diego, his style can be desribed as pop-surrealism.
The works done by Winters evolves as it goes through the creation process without ever sticking to any fixed plan at certain periods during the creation.
A majority of his works are highly imaginative and are a balance between plants and the human form, creating fantasy pieces that are finely rendered. He uses inks, watercolour and acrylic to create his pieces and these are mediums I am very keen to utilise as I appreciate the use of traditional media for execution of proposed projects.

Broken_Slideshow deathblossom f0a07b4fef43bd2dd6398f6b6918b6de FloralParasite_DETAIL-e1376934395444 Классные-картины-by-N.S.-Winters Странные-картины-by-N.S.-Winters