COLLABORATIVE PROJECT : Workshop with Florence on Heat Transfer


Dysperse dyes : hese are first painted on paper and then transferred to fabric via the heat press machine.

polyester is highly recommended when utilizing this technique as cotton fabric will not allow for multiple washes.

The images intended for print/transfer should always be created in reverse.

Dysperse dye mix should always be done with hot water.

The lid of the dysperse dye should never be opened in the room.


  • Always wear gloves
  • Place the dysperse dye in the fume cabinet when opening
  • place dyperse dye in warm water. (half a teaspoon is required amount)
  • After mixing, cover with lids and place/stoire in the dark. Storage in light kills the strength of the mixture.
  • Experiments for the application of the dye can be carried out on paper, felt and a wide array of fabrics.


Outcome from workshop.