Sometime in October last year,. we were tasked with responsibility to choose news from the media we had a connection with and utilize our creative license to produce either a publication or animation which reflected and communicated a message in relation to the news picked. Without hesitation I picked a piece from the media which had caught my eye prior to that period. A few weeks before then, David Cameron had made a trip to the Caribbean with the intention of invest millions into their system in form of building new prisons. He was met with shock when the league of Caribbean nations accosted him with requests to be paid reparation s for slavery. He shrugged this off, emphasizing that the painful legacy of such a period be left in the past while they both looked towards building a new future together. I was shocked and saw the News of the world project as the perfect opportunity to voice out my sentiments. Attached are images which detail my journey from basic sketchbook documentations/conceptualizations of ideas to the execution of the final project.



After weeks of research, I concluded that utilizing the medium of sequential images to create a creative narrative which would be made into a publication would be most suitable to express my idea and got straight to work.


Modifications were made to the drawings later on, and once the pencil work was done, the inking commenced immediately.


I didn’t want to print on regular white surface. I wanted a surface and color that would contrast with the line art, which would add more value to the work as well as emphasize the message behind the work.

Below are the stages taken to actualizing the publication.